who are we?

We are four photographers who couldn’t be more different. What binds us is our love for documentary wedding photography. We are observers and story tellers. We would scale mountains, and traverse a hundred miles to photograph images that tell your wedding story.


We hold a belief that wedding photography is not about the photographer. We are not creating images for us, because it is your wedding. We are merely there to bear witness and to document. You should not be actors in your own wedding, simply because real stories need to be told. Because genuine tears don’t flow from merely watching sad movies. Because a sincere embrace comes from the heart, without a prompt. You live your life unscripted, so why should your photos be any different? It is about you, not us. The photos we produce should tell YOUR story, not a story that’s been repeated a hundred times for everyone else, and published even more on social media and editorials.

Afterall, it’s not the pictures, it’s the memories.


So if you believe that you have it in you to hire photographers who provide honest wedding photography in this industry, then give us a buzz. We guarantee that you won’t be disappointed.